Creating a successful web site requires many different skills. 

It's important to know how to work with many types of graphic and picture files to optimize them so that they load quickly and still look attractive. The higher the picture resolution and color depth, the bigger the file and consequently the longer it takes to be displayed.

Besides making your site look attractive, it's important for it to have a logical theme and a friendly user interface so web surfers can find what they are looking for quickly and easily. It's also vital to have each page optimized with the proper meta tags and to have the site submitted to many search engines so that people can easily find your site when they enter a key search word or phrase.

From a marketing viewpoint, the  first step in building a web site is to establish it's main purpose. 

  • Is it going to be an information site and/or will it also be used to sell products and services? 
  • Or is it a personal site mainly to be viewed by your friends and family?

Clearly defining the site's purpose and target audience helps focus the look and content of your site to best serve it's primary objectives.  It's also very helpful to review other sites that also have a similar focus.  Many creative ideas are modeled by web sites with a similar objective or theme.

I have been designing web sites for the past 10 years and can handle the entire job from conception to posting it online to the web. This includes registering your domain name, scanning any pictures and also getting it sent to the major search engines for listing. I also supply an inexpensive hosting service that will result in substantial savings for you. 

A typical 3 page web site with 6 pictures costs only $300 and the fee increases $40/hr for additional work.  I use a high quality digital camera and the photos and scans of your pictures are included in this fee.

This 3 page web site includes: 

  • Complete design and layout of your site
  • Digital photos or...
  • Scanning in up to 6 of your pictures
  • Posting and hosting your site for only $15/mo. or  sign up for 1 year and get 2 months free. ($150/yr.)
  • Optimizing your site for search engine submission *
  • Submitting your site to dozens of search engines so that it can be easily found
  • We offer you CREATION, PROMOTION & UPDATING services to keep your site fully functional.

*Site submission specialists often charge $300 or more just to optimize one web site,
without doing the layout and all the other design  work to post your site online. 

Therefore, this is truly an outstanding offer if you  want a very functional, fast loading, professional looking site at a very reasonable cost. 
If you have a certain look in mind for your site, let me know. I usually can create a similar layout and ambiance for your site.

Shown below are links to sites I recently designed to the client's specifications.

Call or e-mail me, if you'd like to discuss you web site needs.
You will be very happy with the high quality, site, low fees and quick, professional service.

Allan: 707-510-7468