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I enjoy giving Drumming Lessons  and play trap drums (the large set that is played with drum sticks and brushes) professionally in a few local bands. 

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I also enjoy playing the African djembe drum in many musical styles because it offers a practical and effective way of enhancing one's coordination, innate sense of rhythm and awareness/integration of mind-body-spirit. Playing music helps keep you in the nowness of each present moment which is where the spiritual rubber meets the road . 


Music opens a doorway to merge energy with others. 

I was deeply moved recently when drumming along with gospel melodies. I experienced  the intense love of God coming through the music and it felt like a direct channel opened to the heavens. 

Every activity becomes a meditation when done with full awareness and surrender (of being the do'er).

Below an outline for a playshop I am presenting....if you have any ideas or comments...please email me.


World Beat Percussion Workshop Outline

     Drumming offers an easy and fun way of expanding your awareness of
     yourself and it can also reveal the now-ness of the present moment.

             In this beginning class you will...

             1-  Learn the basics of playing a hand held drum.

        2-    Explore the different sounds or tones you can get from a drum.

        3-    Learn two African rhythms such as the Kuku and the Djole.

        4-    Learn Middle Eastern rhythms such as the Maqsuum and the Baladii.

        5-    Break apart rhythms into their most basic parts to give the experience
       of call and response and counterpoint effects that foster a deeper 
       appreciation of the music.

        6-    Finish with a drum circle where everyone plays.



Drumming with awareness, gets you into a “groove” or altered state of awareness where the separation between you, the drum and the music dissolves.

At that  point, there is a melting away of the ego boundaries and you cease being the player.  The drum is being played through you when you let go and relax deeply into the groove. 

It all happens naturally and spontaneously with little effort.

All of life revolves around rhythms, frequencies and vibrations.  From our heartbeat to our brainwaves, we are constantly generating vibrations on many different frequencies and rhythms. When these vibrations are properly aligned we feel the glow of our vital energy and move towards radiant health. When these natural rhythms are not proper we experience dis-ease.

Drumming is a form of active meditation that helps the body’s vibrations realign by fostering a feeling of oneness and timelessness. This greatly lowers stress levels and helps one normalize their energies.

Medical research has shown that excessive stress can eventually weaken our immune system, which results in dis-ease. So, stress-reducing activities, such as meditation or playing music, can help keep our immune systems functioning on a high level and thereby maximize our resistance to disease.

Because we all are affected by the energy in our environment, playing drums in a group can help rebalance our personal energy in a holistic way.  Sometimes this takes the form of an emotional release, an epiphany, or an actual healing of the mind/body/spirit. The effect is different for every person.

I am excited by the awesome power of drumming. My intention is to support each person in starting their journey of playing music and feeling the joy and excitement of sharing their creative energy with others.

If you are interested in taking a private lesson in beginning trap or hand drumming or taking the workshop, just e-mail or call me for more information.


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Music is a wonderful way of openning deeper to your true self.

A good primer on basic spirituality with a few religious overtones.