Healing Body Work & Massage


I have been practicing massage professionally since receiving my CMP certification in 1981. I synergistically combine several massage styles to tailor the session according to your specific needs.

I start each session with an invocation to Spirit and work intuitively with energy to help you feel more aligned, balanced, open and peaceful. I work with or without massage oil and the pressure can vary from very deep (deep tissue) to very light as you wish.

My rates are very reasonable. If you travel here, it's only $40/hr.  If you are not financial able to pay this fee, I am open to energy exchanges or sliding scale rates. 

If you would like me to travel to your location, there is an additional charge of only $1/mile (1 way mileage) to cover my driving costs and time.

I am located in Clearlake Oaks which is about 15 miles north of Clearlake, Ca.

To schedule your session call:

 707-510-7468 or e-mail me.


I work intuitively with energy to help you 

feel more aligned, balanced, and peaceful.


Here is more information on healing and my background in this area.

Healing can spontaneously result from a deeper awareness and acceptance of our true spiritual selves. Our living system moves towards self-healing when we let go of negative thoughts and behaviors and realign ourselves to those higher Divine energies in harmony with our highest good. In short, healing happens through the process of loving ourselves and others unconditionally and releasing our "story".

So why do we get sick?

Disease or illness is a message that we are out of harmony and need to do some work on ourselves.  We all need love to aid us in healing. We need to find a way to experience a loving connection with the (personal or impersonal) Great Spirit -- either directly or through the help of a healer or channel.  To taste this love, we must learn how to pray and invoke the mercy of the Living Spirit  to send healing energies.  The deeper one surrenders to the Divine, the more available one is to connect to this healing light.  

I have noticed that when someone is not honoring and expressing their love or creative energies they tend to sour much like a fruit going bad. When this happens the person becomes frustrated, angry and bitter. They eventually shut down and their immune response is weakened in the process.

Oftentimes, sickness is a way to get our attention. There are no accidents, just lessons that we need to understand and grow through. 

Perhaps we have been pushing too hard and not getting all the sleep we need. Or perhaps we are running some old belief tapes that no longer serve us and thus, create disharmony.  Many of us feel stuck in the competitive "me vs. them" game, and the stress can eventually lower our resistance and result in health problems.

When illness grounds us, we have the time to learn some important lessons we may be avoiding or denying. Use your healing crisis or downtime to do some soul searching.

Healing brings about lessons that often result in a greater sense of compassion for the suffering of others. It helps us be more sensitive and aware of our own feelings and the feelings of those around us. Remember, we are only on this plane for a brief time. So make the best use of your time by living wisely in harmony with divine guidance.

In the practice of Zen Shiatsu Therapy and "Energy Work", it is important to tune into and feel the totality or "life echo" of the person you are with. This allows you to merge or share a common reality with them and feel exactly what is out of balance in their mind/body/spirit.
Restoring this balance helps stimulate self-healing. The obstacles that were blocking this natural process are released. We may find some parts of the body have excess energy and some parts may be deficient. Rebalancing this energy helps restore harmony. 

Reverend Yamato, my Zen Shiatsu teacher, monk and friend, taught me to forget myself and then I'd know what was going on within the other person's reality. I would then experience their "Life Echo" within myself.  

He emphasized meditation and the awareness of "Oneness Reality" over technique. I find this approach very effective in every massage style.  He started me off with Soto Zen Meditation to help quiet my Western mind and to reveal "emptiness". In Zen, you realize that things have no independent existence but arise together (dependent causation). For example most people believe that a mother gives birth to a baby. However the converse is also true. The baby simultaneously gives birth to the mother.   

The Buddhist principle of dependent origination or dependent causation explains that everything is in constant flux and that nothing exists independently. All things are interrelated as they come into being, remain for a time, and return to the Source.

The Source is the one exception to this rule. It is all there is and for it to know itself it separated itself into many parts and veiled itself through Maya. As the parts awaken they realize that they are a part of this Source and have always been so before the beginning of time. 

After spending over a year studying with Yamato, and taking a few weekend courses on massage, I signed up for the full program and got my CMP certification at Harbin Hot Springs in 1981. There are many massage practitioners and far fewer healers. The difference is that a healer takes the time to "tune in" to your being and is doing much more than mechanically performing a massage. Healers are skilled at "connecting to Source" and working with the subtle energies that cause imbalances and disease.

A healer knows how to surrender deeply to the guidance of God.  In this meditative way, they become a vessel or channel for the healing love, peace, and mercy of God to flow to the client. "Energy Work" realigns and recharges both healer and patient since they are both experiencing the powerful healing energies which arise from the Source itself.

An effective  healer channels the energy of God through prayer and deep meditation and utilizes that energy to heal others as well as themselves. Healing  invokes the transforming energy of God's Holy Spirit in a way that allows us to directly experience the Divine Presence or boundless, unconditional love.

Prayer & meditation is a powerful way of connecting our limited human awareness with God's Infinite Holy Presence. Some people say that prayer is talking to God and meditation is listening to God. The most important thing is to honor the connection when it happens and surrender as deeply as possible to the Divine with humility.
As a mystic and healer, honoring this sacred energy and relationship is the basis of my work. It is a calling and a powerful reason for being in this body. This energy and presence is what truly heals.

I personally was very ill a dozen years ago and felt as if I was at death's door. I was bedridden in pain and also felt completely exhausted. I prayed intensely with the last of my remaining energy and an amazing thing happened. I felt a great tingling sensation all over and then at the bottom of my feet I felt this hot, penetrating light slowly moving up my feet. 

I was being anointed and bathed in God's healing light. I intuited that every part of my body it touched was being healed and renewed. I felt so grateful that I spontaneously cried tears of joy, relief and profound gratitude. It scanned slowly up my body and when it finally reached my head the energy was so intense that I immediately lost consciousness and fell into a  very deep dreamless state. When I awoke several hours later, all signs of the illness and fatigue were completely gone. I knew then that I had received the merciful healing light of the Holy Spirit.  Similar things have happened to people I have been honored to work with. I have no illusions who the real healer is and am happy to be used as a conduit or channel by Spirit. 

It is necessary to have someone like a Healer or Bodywork Master demonstrate this directly. Many people have unique angels to help them. I have also found that the fortunate ones are guided to those who are empowered to help them thru their "changes" or "growth opportunities". Words are no substitute for experiencing  the transmission of energy and awareness that occurs in the healing massage process. As Yamato often said: "The massage is the message."


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