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          Time out - Retreats and Classes

  • - I visit this retreat center frequently and it's a wonderful place to relax, learn new things and enjoy the scenic ambiance. 
    "Harbin Hot Springs is a non-profit retreat and workshop center located in the wine region north of San Francisco. We welcome guests from around the world who travel here to soak in our natural spring pools, bask on our clothing-optional sun decks, receive massages from our certified therapists, attend workshops, hike our 1700 acres, or otherwise simply relax."

    Personal & Spiritual Growth Sites


  • Gangaji - I first met Tony when giving a workshop on healing at Esalen. Her high energy and warm smile were unforgettable. Since then, Tony 'took rebirth' as Gangaji by Papaji her guru. She has been graced with the advaita (non-dualistic) transmission that is very powerful and can help wake up and illuminate what has always been present.

  • AwakeningsDan Johnston's site is a wonderful treasure store house of information. He has been providing counseling and teaching for over twenty years and he is very skilled in communication. 

  • - Towards a Buddhist Psychotherapy; C. George Boeree, Ph.D. Shippensburg University

  • - Lena is a gifted reader, healer and she also is offering her paintings online now.

  • - "The Pleromatics Project seeks to contribute to the process of bringing together our understandings of spirit and cosmos, and to point toward a renewed sense of meaning for individual and social life. It is also an experiment in personal publishing on the internet."

  • - Spiritual Mediums that assist the newly awakened in their spiritual journey of self-discovery.  They also prepare those of like mind about the coming awakening and to help ease their fears.

  • - This site offers  free and very effective online lessons in meditation.

  • - Star Visitors Web Site of Dr. Richard Boylan offers professionally-researched factual information on UFOs and Star Visitor contact, on the new Star Kids and adult Star Seeds, on the Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists and much more!

  • - Dr. LaGrand, a certified grief counselor, has for many years  been helping people deal with the loss of their loved one(s). He interviewed scores of people who have had the experience of being contacted by a departed family member and has written several books sharing this useful information.

  • - "Leonard Jacobson  is a spiritual teacher, mystic and gifted healer, who is deeply committed to helping others break through to the joyous experience of living in the NOW. He has a remarkable ability to tune into each person's needs and gently guide them into wholeness, integration and the awakened state of Being."

  • - "The Work of Byron Katie is a revolutionary new process of inquiry that is helping people around the world see their problems from an entirely different perspective."

    Click for a great free book on Emotional Clearing using both eastern and western techniques by John Ruskan

    Emotional Clearing is a cutting-edge East/West system, originally conceived as a means to work on yourself. To explore EC further, the first thing you need is the book, which contains the full system including a comprehensive philosophical background, the four steps of Emotional Clearing, detailed instructions in how to safely and effectively engage and release feelings, breathwork, and pragmatic suggestions for setting up your personal practice. Excerpts from the book can be found under Emotions.

      To the left is a link to the DailyOM, the daily source for nurturing your mind, body & spirit. Every weekday, DailyOM will send you inspirational thoughts for a happy, healthy and fulfilling day.

    They also offer a spiritual community friendship board and great articles to read and comment on plus much more.

    I joined recently and find it offers a great resource for personal growth and making new friends on your "wavelength".


          Miscellaneous Services

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Music is a wonderful way of openning deeper to your true self.

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