Life is experienced as an amazing celebration when lived spontaneously with clear awareness, integrity, humor and heartfelt love.

 Whatever you think I am, I am that - for you.
We are ALL much more then we can fully conceive or express in words.

Below are some pictures of my earlier years followed by an outline of "my story".


Allan and Brother Ken in 1975 picture.



Allan with Porsche picture in Middletown 2002.


To the right is a picture of my two brothers, Ken and Neil.

We grew up sharing a small bedroom in a Brooklyn, NY apartment. Living so closely was challenging since we were all quite different. However, we found many ways to have fun.

Outside of bike riding, roller skating, basketball and tennis one of our favorite activities was to go absolutely nuts and rough house when my parents went out. 

I love them dearly although we have grown apart and live in very different worlds now because my spiritual awakening compelled me to choose spiritual values over materialism although in my early years I too was mesmerized by the glitz and glitter of materialism.

My brothers Ken and Neil picture

Born Allan Gleicher in Brooklyn, New York to wonderful parents named Bernard and Emma Gleicher. My parents were loving and quite traditional in the sense that they rarely challenged authority or questioned the way they were raised. So I, in like fashion was raised to respect authority and not make waves.

I was the middle child and  attended PS 255, Cunningham Junior High, James Madison High School. I then went on to RCA Institute and became an electronics technician. After graduation,  I worked as an electronics technician for GE Semiconductor Division in Auburn NY. However, my technician job status only exempted me from the draft for 1 year and the Vietnam war was going strong. So when my draft exempt status was about to run out, I quit my job and enrolled in CCNY's (City College of New York) Engineering School.

From my high school years on I had a strong interest in electronics and became a ham radio operator (N6TGF) after several years of being an SWL (short wave listener).  I enjoy experimenting and building circuits. Also communicating with  people from all around the world is very interesting since you never know who will be answering your CQ or general call for a contact.  Presently using the internet and computers, I communicate with and share ideas with practically an unlimited  number of people. Perhaps that is the prime reason that the number of active ham radio operators has diminished.

The Vietnam war was in full steam while I was in college and many young man were being drafted and many died fighting in this war. From meeting and talking to many returning Vietnam Vets on campus, I knew that there was no way I would participate in this mass insanity. Thousands of my brothers and sisters died in vain fighting in a no-win war. That is not counting all the innocent Vietnamese people whose country, homes and lives were needlessly destroyed or harmed.

I graduated with a B.E.E. and worked as a quality control and digital design engineer for RCA in Heightstown, NJ. After about 1 year, the company laid off most of their workers due to a lack of contracts. I then applied for many jobs as the market was oversaturated with laid off engineers. I applied and was hired as a manufacturing engineer for Westinghouse Electric in Jersey City, NJ.  They were computerizing their elevator control systems and needed more qualified engineers that could provide support in testing and manufacturing the updated systems.

At first, I enjoyed the work and the challenges. However, after several years on the job,  this company started to lay off it's workers and announced that they were closing this plant in a year or so and relocating to Dover, NJ.  The work environment soon became very depressive as many of my co-workers were being laid off. I went home each night and felt completely drained by the negativity and the grim prospect of moving to a remote (from NY) city,  where my social life would be severely disrupted.

I engaged in religious practices, yoga and also prayed and meditated frequently  to help balance myself out.  After several months of doing this, I received some much needed spiritual guidance. A profound spiritual awakening revealed that I was to surrender it all, including my attachments to being an engineer.  It was time for me to begin a new life with a heightened awareness. It was a major shift in realities to leave behind the decade of work and preparation for my chosen profession of engineering. However, my recent revelation was not to be denied. I  was literally propelled by spirit to travel and begin a new life. It wasn't easy to do as old identifications do feel like they are who you are, but as soon as I began the trip, I felt both divinely guided and elated because a magical adventure into the unknown was upon me. I also got several divine messages that I was being guided to the right path.

I said my goodbyes to friends and family  in '78 and began touring the country in a Dodge X'plorer. A picture of this well designed mini-motorhome is shown below. While traveling cross country, I had many amazing experiences visiting several spiritual communities which could be a book in itself. Finally,  I settled down in Santa Cruz, California to explore a new way of living. While living there I met William Zodda, (Gaurahari das) who was also dedicated to the path of self discovery and self realization. He met me while I was feeding the ducks in San Lorenzo Park, Santa Cruz.  We started to hang together and soon a great friendship began. I prayed for the experience of raising children, since I intuited that there was a great lesson for me in this. It was thru him that I met a wonderful new friend, partner, gifted artist and spiritual channel named Suzanne McMillan.  For 2 years, I  helped her raise her two children. We created several workshops and gave presentations at Esalen Institute on healing. Along with the help of Robert Clarke, photographer, we created a multimedia event called the Egyptian Connection which was performed in several major cities. Suzanne loved being "on stage" and was a natural at it.



Suzanne was a great inspiration for me because she truly "walked her talk" and enjoyed living in an expanded awareness. Together we started the "Santa Cruz Tantric Heart Center" which offered massage workshops, spiritual alignment classes and a place for anyone to come and be received with much compassion and heart. We had an amazing assortment of spiritually minded people visit the center and it was a wonderful experience to share with them because each one of them presented their own unique piece of the puzzle. She founded and ran a spiritual retreat and tour guide center in Sedona, Arizona.

In September of 2006 she was liberated from her body in crash while driving home. I'll miss her sweet, inspiring and healing presence and believe that she is still dancing and performing on "the other side". Since she has been "called home" and I often feel her angelic presence watching over me from the other side and I deeply honor the memories of the wonderful loving adventures we shared together. She truly lived from the "I am" consciousness and was a great teacher/partner/mate!

I moved to Harbin Hot Springs in Middletown California in 1980 to obtain my massage practitioner certificate and afterwards, I also worked as a massage therapist on staff and the Office manager. Harbin is a great place to discover "your truth" and many people in transition have made major life "corrections" from taking workshops there or just relaxing in the inviting waters. Working on the massage staff, helping several people a day and merging with their realities provided a powerful means to learn from them and it also helped me "tune-in" and gently guide each person back into balance and harmony with their uniqueness so that healing could occur.

I then felt pulled to create a matchmaking service that required a different environment to get it going.  So after a rewarding stay at Harbin, I returned to Santa Cruz and wrote a custom database program and launched a computer matchmaking service called Compatibility Plus. I ran this service for about 15 years and helped many singles find compatible partners and some  marry. It was rewarding work that required me to use a combination of intuition and practical abilities to find suitable matches for many diverse types of individuals. I had to finally put it to rest since the enrollment slowed down after 9/11.

There has been many major transformational changes in my life and therefore this lifetime feels like several lifetimes rolled up into one. For the past decade, I  have lived in a beautiful, rural setting just a few miles from Harbin in a musical household/ashram called the "Blues Farm".  The community of musicians has been very helpful for me.  It provides a creative outlet from my previous work as an engineer and it has helped me nurture a deeper appreciation of music. My housemate, Dave 'Vibrato', encouraged me to become a professional drummer so we could play the Blues together. I enjoy doing that plus playing with other bands, designing web sites, business cards, flyers and giving intuitive body work sessions.


Blues Farm Star and Founder- 'David Vibrato' teaches harmonica (harp) classes internationally and he also performs regularly throughout California.

His passion for the blues helped awaken a deeper appreciation of this soulful music in me.

We have become good friends over the years and I enjoyed being  the drummer in the Blues Farm Band.

Call him for private harp lessons or to find out when he is teaching another public workshop:




I have been through many incarnations since the mid 70's. I don't need to  "believe" in miracles. Miracles/magical events happen all around us when we receive the grace to see life clearly as it is. Until we awaken, we are like sleep walkers who live in a dream world. Many of us take so very much for granted. We use our minds as the supreme judge of what reality is about. Contrary to what your ego asserts, your mind is not the boss! Opening ones' heart/mind and surrendering to a "higher power" is the first step to a magical fresh and new life with Spirit (God) at the center. If you are sincere then you will be motivated to purify yourself and begin the necessary "inner work".  Be patient and think positive, Divine mercy will soon help guide your way H-OM-E.

I am reminded of a story about a horse carriage driver who spent many years driving his rig. Like most ego driven personalities, he always assumed he was in charge of his life.  One day the Master inside the carriage knocked on the window and told him to take the next right turn. He was quickly shocked awake and realized that he was not really in charge but was only a servant of the true inner Master.

The physical body is just a speck of dust - and simultaneously the indwelling spirit inspires us to fulfill whatever it iswe are here for. For me, it is to be a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, spontaneous person.  It awakened and supported a wide range of interests and activities. I regularly work on computer graphics projects.  I also have been a  webmaster for several businesses. I do computer installations and have been known to fix a few too. I also am both an engineer and electronics tech. so I enjoy working on electronic projects in the my spare time.

I also work as a massage therapist and enjoy working intuitively with healing energies. I am an animal lover and enjoy interacting with them. We can learn much from our wild friends and pets about being fully present in each moment and being unconditional loving. I know that animals, as well as all living things, do communicate with us telepathically, if we are quiet enough inside to hear them.

Music, Massage and  Healing work are important creative expressions in my life.  I regularly play drums (Blues, R&B, Jazz, Funk, Latin and the Classic Standards)  using a vintage Ludwig drum kit. I enjoy both playing and watching the audience having fun dancing. I also recently started hosting comedy/variety shows and even doing some standup comedy. I also love attending live music concerts and spiritual gatherings. However, I am also happy to be without a busy schedule to enjoy the gentle stillness of the beautiful rural environment here.

Several years ago a gifted writer, healer and friend named Richard started to call me Allan "G". Then his eyes started to twinkle and he said why not call yourself Allanji...pronounced as "a-lon-gheee".  It  felt right so I use that name in cyberspace and a few of my friends now call me allanji too.

My spiritual practice is constantly evolving on many levels. In the stillness of the great void one can discover and be embraced by their unique relationship with "SOURCE".  I am no fundamentalist however, I do see much value in traditions that have stood the test of time. By praying to the divine, chanting, loving service and surrendering to Divine guidance, magic and miracles do happen. I especially love the Green Tara, Gayatri Mantra, Prajna Paramita - Hannya Shingo (Heart Sutra), Prayer of Jebez, Medicine Buddha chants and  memorized them to be one with them on a cellular/energetic level.  By chanting..etc.., I become more attuned to an all-knowing divine love & light presence that resides within us all. I also enjoy sharing walks in the woods nearby and listening to the birds sing and the leaves rustling in the breeze.

I've had several powerful divine interventions which has proved to me that angels and the Holy Spirit are my constant companions. Whenever I humbly ask Jesus or God or Spirit for help - relief soon arrives and for that I feel profound gratitude. Because I often deal with people who are not in alignment with dharma or Spirit, I find it very helpful to align and recharge myself by sitting quietly and feeling the tingling breath of spirit moving through me. If we need to give our cars a tune up - don't you think we also deserve and need a regular spiritual tune up too?

I enjoy jamming regularly with several local musicians. The trick to playing drums is to let go of my "story" or identification/ or thoughts from the past.  If I identify myself as  the "doer" or trying to play music from the mental plane, my identification with ego keeps me feeling separate from the magic of the "nowness". There is a letting go that naturally occurs by living spontaneously and playing music from the heart.  I have played my djembe (African hand drum) with the amazing Jai Uttal group at a benefit concert. They are very talented musicians and playing with them was inspiring on many levels. Music continues to enrich me and provide a wonderful canvas for self expression.

                                   The Blues Farm pets add much love and laughter to our musical ashram.
  Tigress Zowie arrived in in early '03 and has been a wonderful friend and a good mouser too!
She originally was quite wild and it took a few months for her to settle down and be relaxed around the house. At night, she often goes into hyper drive and runs around in a high pitched frenzy.

Her very present awareness is wonderful to have around and I spent many a relaxing hour hearing her sweet purring while she was sitting on my lap. She also loves to get frisky and very playful with her little bites and scratches. Sometimes she gets a little carried away...ouch!

She had complete rule of the house until our next "guest" arrived from parts unknown.  Zowie loves to spend most of her time outside and returns to the house for food and companionship. She was fearful in the beginning so it took a couple of months, but now Zowie  has developed a playful friendship with Lucy. She now even chases Lucy around the house for fun!

Zowie went missing 2 years after we found her. The back utility room looked like a fierce fight had taken place; lamps were knocked over etc. It looks like she put up a good fight but not good enough to save her life. We never found her body but trust that she is at peace with the lord.

  I returned home from playing a night music gig in august '04, and was greeted by this adorable, young black Lab. She smelled and looked very clean so for the next 2 weeks we searched the 'hood and the animal shelter for her owner but no one claimed her or even knew where she came from.

She was obviously feeling lost, fearful and abandoned and begged to be allowed to live here. Everyone in the house fell in love with her and she moved right in with numerous doggie treats to celebrate her arrival.

My guess is that she was abandoned here by someone who just couldn't take care of her.  Our very gifted bass player, Darren named her Lucy. Her love and enthusiasm for life is highly contagious for us and all who visit our humble abode.

Lucy loves chasing the water and I often spray her with the garden hose when on  the back deck while Zowie watches the show and playfully stretches.

Lucy Update -posted 4/24/06

I returned home from showing a movie at Harbin Hot Springs on Sat 4/22/06 and was greeted briefly by Lucy. Then for some reason she quickly ran off running perhaps to chase the many rabbits that are in the woods here. I loudly called her name several times because I knew that there is sometimes fast moving traffic on our back country road. After calling her name several times, I heard a fast moving car engine in the distance and started to call her even more frantically to no avail!

Then I heard the 'SMASH' sound and her last YELP as the car hit and fortunately she died very quickly from a severe head injury. I was in shock from this tragic event and had a good friend come over and hang with me for a few hours that night. Early the next morning, I buried Lucy with her favorite toy, pillow. We also put some nice flowers in her grave.

Her unconditional love and friendship is so priceless and precious!

I felt waves of sadness since I miss her dearly. She was more than a dog to me. She has a great loving spirit to everyone and I feel such deep sadness and also deep appreciation for having her love in my life for the past 2 years.

Goodbye sweet Lucy, may you rest in peace!


In Jan '08, I moved into a new home with my  new baby black cat named Lucky. It's a beautiful 11 acre estate but unfortunately my room had extensive mold contamination that soon gave me a terrible respiratory infection which landed me in the hospital for 9 days!  So now I am looking for a new home where the air is clean and uncontaminated. Now it's late August '08 and fortunately there are several possibilities available and I'm in the process of picking the most suitable to move to.

Since 2004, I've been playing drums and cartels with the Harbin Kirtan Band, led by Peter B., at Harbin Hot Springs, Middletown.. It's a wonderful way to spend 2 hours Sunday afternoon starting at 12:30 pm. It combines both Hindu and Christian chants and it is a wonderful devotional service for world peace and to celebrate love and appreciation for our infinite Creator.

Harbin was a great new home since graduating from their 1 year membership/work program to become a resident. I have contributed to this community and enjoyed the multi-dimensional rewards of fellowship with many other dedicated workers  spiritually awake people - both guests and residents. However due to core differences with management I am no longer associated with Harbin but relish the many friendships that were born by my association there.

When not playing music or working/playing on the computer, I am usually hanging with friends, gaming at the local casino, doing seva/working  and  hiking and biking around the local countryside and enjoying sharing with my new wonderful  spiritual church family at United Methodist Church in Middletown. Some question my time spent at the casino however I've help enrolled several folks there as Church Members plus much much more.

Since my old computer's motherboard fizzed out, I bought a new computer to make some changes and additions to my ongoing story here. It's Oct. '2014 and a new chapter in my life pilgrimage adventure is unfolding since leaving Harbin a couple of years ago.  Since meeting a wonderful new friend, Scott Snider, I've experienced a new sense of joy due to the non-judgmental way he lives. Sometimes being highly empathic has great rewards. Scott has had a few brain tumors surgically removed. It also removed all negativity from his life that most folks are harassed by. At Scott's invitation,  I recently attended a 3 day portal ascension conference at Mt. Shasta which gave me much food for thought, clarification and a more galactic POV on earthly events.  It's becoming very evident that the 5th dimensional reality is already here and awaiting our most positive and highest vibrational thoughts to help us all evolve to our highest potentials.

As I look at the current political dramas, I am aware of a growing impatience of the forces of darkness to imprison us in their fear based realities ie...constant war on terror.  Perhaps the Archonic forces sense that their reign of terror is coming to a end soon. I never did like gov't false flags, lies or treachery especially after seeing over 58,000 of my brethren senselessly die in 'Nam over the gulf of Tonkin false flag. I do what I can to shine the light of truth to dispel the darkness.  Likewise, I feel a kinship with the many light-workers dedicated to creating heaven on earth whom I believe will eventually prevail.  However, to evolve as a species we must learn from the past by facing what happened without getting entangled or bogged down in it. Buddha taught the middleway or Madyahama which is excellent advice for those on the path. Likewise, realizing the oneness, impermanence and suchness are all essential core ingredients for a dharmically aligned life. I therefore can't emphasize enough the great benefits arising from daily sacred activities.

Improving my holistic health by regular exercise, more focused daily meditations and sharing the dharma has taken a even more prominent position in my day to day activities.  In the past 2 years I've been exploring the Coherence healing work being taught by the heart math institute in Boulder Creek Ca ( .  I've read dozens of books by Lynn McTaggart, Greg Braden, Michael Talbot and many others and find the information quite useful when integrated into a daily spiritual meditation and healing practice. The key to self-realization is to operate mainly from the heart and avoid getting stuck in a head trip of dry intellectual concepts that far too many have. Ultimately despite our best efforts, it is really divine grace that  liberates us from the maya (illusion) and guides our way.

It's now 2/13/2015 and I am just moved to a new Hidden Valley residence due to my old home being sold. Living in a gated community means that any outside visitors must be "called in" first to get access. That is something I am still getting used to. There are several friends living nearby in this community which makes the location very desirable. This move is encouraging a focus more on healing self and others via healing bodywork and coherence methodologies and spending far less time dilly dallying at the local Twin Pine Casino. However I do love to check out their live music and dances on the weekends.  I gave away my old trusty massage table to a friend that served me well for a few decades and bought a new much lighter and more portable one that is very strong, stable and far easier to setup and take down.  Over the years I have also experimented and developed a very penetrating massage oil that really helps alleviate many body conditions. I use a small amount of DMSO combined with aura glow massage oil with other shamanastic ingredients such as Palo Santo to help in the the removal of negativity.  I have been using this propriety mix on myself daily and others and can attest to it's positive benefits. Plus,  I believe it's also help me avoid many  common medical conditions that many people are plagued with such as arthritis etc.

Engaging in a blend of mystic and multi-religious practices, I feel deeply grateful to the living Spirit of unconditional love and guidance that has helped  me thru some very challenging situations. To the best of my abilities, I choose love over fear despite the systemic turmoil in the world. I take solace that the "Prime Creator" knows all and is my constant companion, guide and protector. This is fully realized when I surrender to HIS will and not my egoic conditioning.  My Yiddish name is Avrum (Abraham - friend of God) so it's fitting that my Bar Mitzvah reading at age 13 included Genesis chapter 12 vs. 1-4:


12 The Lord had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you.

“I will make you into a great nation,
    and I will bless you;
I will make your name great,
    and you will be a blessing.
I will bless those who bless you,
    and whoever curses you I will curse;
and all peoples on earth
    will be blessed through you.

Over the years, I've directly seen this bible verse's teaching light up. Therefore, I relish a living, dynamic relationship with the living spirit who is called many names in different traditions. I see myself more of a planetary citizen and not a slave to any religious dogmas or political agendas which is quite the opposite of someone who fits inside any box of limited egoic conceptual beliefs.

Dancing while turning 70 years young!

I started a new chapter of my life adventure after turning 70 in July '16 and I am amazed at how well this body-mind-spirit is holding up to the challenges of growing older.   I went on a diet about 1 yr ago and managed to lose over 40 lbs so far which  has allowed me to dance for hours much like I was able to do when much younger.  I still practice daily meditation, chanting and prayers and  feel a reversal of the aging process is naturally occurring due to losing a great deal of excess weight and staying open and flexible to the ups and downs we all deal with daily. Impermanence is a core construct in Buddhism and that helps me accept life's changes gracefully.

I enjoy playing drums and have a weekly Sunday date at the Methodist Church playing gospel songs at the services with a small church family band there.  It is a true blessing to make a joyful sound unto the glory of our Lord and to be part of a team that helps uplift folks spirits!  I also relish the  time spent daily engaged in chanting and aligning with the Great Spirit who guides, inspires, prospers and protects me in my life!  

My Buddhist and Zen meditation practices are helping me focus on what is truly important in life.  Recently was guided by Spirit (Holy Ghost) to go more deeply into the Rainbow Body practices.  I find these practices blend nicely with my usual daily meditations and so I am both empowered and inspired to go even deeper into "Mahamudra".  Yes life can be much like a magic carpet ride when aligning with and surrendering to the infinite "Great Spirit".

May 2019 update to my story - Got my own crib to enjoy going deeper into spirit!

Now in my early 70's, I've moved several times in the past 2 years to find suitable housing  due to health problems.  I've scaled back my activities also to honor my available energy levels. I moved to a very comfy 1 bedroom apt. in Clearlake Oaks in senior housing apts called Eskaton Manor where I presently enjoy sharing with a diverse mix of seniors. Since moving here, I'm getting healthier and stronger and so I am offering a monthly drumming circle to celebrate life!

A year has gone by quickly so I decided to make a quick update here (May 2020)

The virus pandemic has virtually shut down most of California! My neighbor passed away recently, so I adopted her black cat named "Bootsie".  She  is a handful who frequently wakes me up very early to eat.  Her owner didn't socialize her so she is like a feral cat that needs lots of love to be domesticated. Sometimes she wakes me up 3X night so I have to shut my bedroom door to get enough sleep.  However,  I am enjoying her companionship and playing lazer tag with her is a blast.  She also loves to meditate and she sees the "invisible spirits" that float around here too.

I just tuned up my mountain bike and hope to ride it soon around the neighborhood for exercise. In Aptos, I used used to do 20 mile rides and climb 3000' mountains when I was in much better shape and 20 years younger. Now I am happy to just take it easy and enjoy the scenery.  Bootsie is watching me as I write this so I am cutting this entry short.

I have been sharing housing for many years and so I am really enjoying having my own apartment now with Bootsie. I feel very blessed to live here in peace and beauty. The Kingdom of Heaven (pure love, light and boundless awareness) is our birthright and therefore embedded within us all! Sometimes it gets covered by negativity due to bad associaton and/or tragic life experiences however we can always return (do shuva) to the Lord's bright purity by engaging in sacred practices while also surrendering to Holy Spirit. Many have discovered that having complete faith in the Lord is the key to salvation! I couldn't agree more!  I am both inspired and humbled by the association of these angelic spiritual entities and deeply appreciate their visits along with my wonderful friends too !

Wishing you much aliveness, love, joy, peace and supportive ecstatic dharmic adventures on your journey home!

Baruch Hashem - Tashi Delek

Allan (aka: Buddha Al,  Star)