"I Love you, each one, with a Love that is Deep and Sincere"


" . . . There is no deeper feeling, blessed children of Light, than that between the Master and the pupil. It grows through association, through the wonderful knowledge of the Master of the very weaknesses of His chosen chela, and as the chela comes up over those weaknesses and, for the first time surmounts a particular temptation, the Joy in the Heart of the Master is Beautiful to behold. When the chela calls the Master 'Father' and the Master the chela 'son,' it is as close a tie as that between the Father of all Life Himself and every Christ who has attained Immortality.

"This is the feeling in the Heart of the Guru when His disciple and student is going forth, depending upon the strength and the light which he has achieved through the Guru's training, and endeavors to render a Cosmic Service in which millions of souls will be affected adversely or otherwise. If there could be agony in Heaven, I would say it is in that hour, and all the Love and the Strength and the Light of the Guru enfolds the incarnating soul, and all the hope of the student ties into the Heart of the Master, until even after the memory is gone, that FEELING remains of union with 'something' beyond and above the consciousness of the senses.

"I was privileged, of course, in being welcomed by beloved Mary , and She provided for Me, through Her Aura, that Love and that Protection and that Spiritual Sanctity, without which I think I could not have endured those early years, when My Consciousness was not yet developed enough to remember My Father's Home, and I shall be eternally grateful for the strength of the beloved Saint Germain , who stood by us. I can see as clearly today as in that long ago, the strong hands working upon the yoke of an oxen, gently and smoothly preparing the wood, that it might not give pain to the creature for whom it is carved.

"Then the first glimmer of My Memory began to return. Oh, happy, happy day - when out in the fields I lay looking at the sun and, for an instant, there flashed into My Consciousness Remembrance of My Teacher and My Connection with the Father God. I remember walking home slowly, and how My Mother, looking at Me, realized that the Christ Self was beginning to take hold of My Small Form. So I can feel for you, My children, who are yearning for that connection with your Presence. You know how Precious It was. You know how Sweet the Association, for you feel It, and it is My Joy, and that of My Great Master, to offer to all of you, Our FEELING of ONENESS with your Presence. Let that be Our Christmas Gift to you.

"I shall not dwell on the well-known facts of My Ministry, but I shall bring to your remembrance, again, that at the close of this Earth life, you are going to experience the Joy of the Ascension . Oh, how can words describe to blessed hearts incarcerated in flesh, the FREEDOM that is to be yours, the Joy that when there enters within your Consciousness a thought or a design by which to benefit the race, time nor space nor anything can limit your instantaneous accomplishment!

"From One who has passed consciously, in the full waking outer consciousness of daily life under the brilliant sun at noon, and in the presence of those whom I loved more than life itself, into the Home of My Father - let Me, please, dear hearts, convey to you that all of the suffering, all of the discipline, all of the trials, all of the renunciation of this earth life, are worth that instant when the pull of earth can no longer bind your purified soul, and you know FREEDOM!

"Let Me warn you that, in your association one with another, you can prepare for this hour, and the most subtle of your tests will be LOVE! For instance, in My Own Case, there was Mary , who had taken Me as an Infant and in the Glory of that Aura raised My Small Form, and throughout all My Ministry welcomed and accepted every lifestream that I chose to bring home, upon My Word that they were of the Father's Kingdom, sweet John, who breathed not a breath for himself from the instant that I called him, and Peter and James and all the others whom I knew were not equipped without My Consciousness and My Presence to live in the Fullness of Life, and yet at that moment when the Call came, I had to decide between the pull of love and the Call of the Presence.

"Who among you, facing such a choice would know which was the greater service? There are some I know who would say, 'It is better that I stay with My own, lest they fall by the wayside,' and yet, if I had done that, the world would not have the public example of an Ascension , which has been the hope of the Christian world since that time. I tell you, dear friends, that is not an easy decision.

"Your Call will come, each one! Prepare you for that hour, for that which you love most will be closest to you, and the subtle feeling had best be handled long before that day. In the constant leaving of your every decision to your Presence - 'Not My will, but Thine be done,' you are building that momentum, you will not suffer such a tug of the heart, and you will save yourself much agony and much uncertainty.

"I Love you, each one, with a Love that is Deep and Sincere, and it is not based on what you are, or on what you have been, but it is based on what you shall become, for I have seen you in the Heart of the Father and knowing the Glory you had with Him before the world was, I but anticipate the hour of your full Manifestation of that Glory while you yet walk the earth. Let us no longer be backward-looking, through two thousand years of time, for the miracles that can be accomplished today! The world groans with pain and agony, with sickness and disease, and death, and corruption - and you, alone, are the hope of the world! Were I to have incarnated again and again every hundred years, up to the present hour, I would have denied YOU the OPPORTUNITY to become that which I AM, and there is no Christ Being who does not allow the development of His fellowmen into greater Glory.

"I IMPLORE YOU, in the Name of the Father of all Life, to set into action those calls by which every one of you may walk through those hospitals and asylums and restore man to his natural estate. If you love Me, DO THAT WHICH I HAVE DONE, and this will be your answer to My Words spoken this hour.

"In the Name of the Father, in the Name of My Own Lifestream, and in the Name of the Great Holy Spirit of Life, I give to you the Blessings of Love, and the Love of every Brother and Sister who has become the Freedom which I AM."

A good primer on basic spirituality with a few religious overtones.