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Hi - Welcome to my newly updated personal and business web site (

My name is Allan (aka Buddha Al) and I created this website  a dozen years ago to make it easier to respond to questions received from  friends on Facebook etc.  It also is a time efficient way of sharing some transformational spiritual revelations I learned on my journey. I clearly recall being in a beautiful, loving and peaceful paradise before I was re-born in this present body. I recall that my existence on the other side was blissful with no problems at all.  Eventually the party ended since I was sequestered to return despite my objections. There was more service (seva) for me and definitely more to learn, share and also be purified by the process. Several timeless, transcendental experiences (divine interventions) helped to deepen my core sensitivity and appreciation of the all pervading sacredness radiating from our awesome Creator! 

At my new home/temple, I am  engaged in healing and seva work in my day to day activities.   To complete this site, a few business services I sometimes offer are listed below. At this time my energy is focused on healing self and other processes and drumming/potluck circles.  Most folks enjoy the relaxed, friendly environment and you are also invited to check it out.





Spiritual & Personal Growth & Information

Spirit is our true essence. It includes our minds and bodies and also goes far beyond all conceptual boundaries. 

Something wonderful happened to me as a child of only 5 years of age. This event and several others following it, sparked a series of radical inner and outer changes in my life.

I became aware of an intrinsic level of freedom, love and truth which had been covered up due to my societal conditioning. Patterns of fear, hurt, anger, unworthiness and isolation, which I had acquired in childhood, dissolved as I opened and surrendered to this Divine Love, Light and Radiant Awareness.

If you are available to go deeper into consciousness and explore your spiritual essence then this info may be useful.  You too may soon discover "magical" things happening in your awareness.

Personal Growth & Spirituality and living in the world. As more of us awake, we automatically begin to help others see through the illusion on all levels.

Healing - Massage is important for those who want to understand the way to wholeness and vibrant health.  I have worked for over 20 yrs as a certified body worker - massage practitioner - intuitive healer and have studied Zen Shiatsu with a Japanese Zen Shiatsu Master. I am available for private sessions if you are in the North Bay California area.

Pictures & Bio displays a few photos and some background information on the author.

Links are great resources for those who are interested in enhancing their personal growth. There are many wonderful and gifted teachers who generously offer their help to all who visit. They are usually focused on specific areas and therefore can go into greater detail regarding personal growth  and self realization approaches. 


A good primer on basic spirituality with a few religious overtones.

Pictures and Allan's story - read all about it!


  Listed below are links to a few services I'm offering.



  1. Healing Massage

  2. Complete Website Design & Promotion

  3. Computer Technician Setup, Repair & Virus Removal

Have a computer technician install, repair and/or remove any malware/spyware that slows down your system, compromises your security and even may cause your system to become unstable and crash.

I design attractive, fast loading websites . My fees are very reasonable and I offer fast, professional service and will work with you to create the web site you want. I also can help promote your site on hundreds of search engines.

If you are looking for a flyer or unique business card or logo, you have come to the right place.

Click on the third button for more information on massage and healing and also to schedule a session. I am a certified massage practitioner (CMP) and have been in practice helping people heal, realign and rebalance their energies since 1981. 

Fees are sliding scale and thus very affordable.



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